For each of our products we offer a 2 year manufacturer warranty. If any defects in the quality of the product or materials have occurred during use, we will respond promptly. The warranty does not apply if any mechanical damage is found during use. Anybelly feeding tables for coating varnish or wax are not covered by the warranty as we cannot guarantee the reaction of the wax or varnish if the user has used various dry cleaners. For the same reason, the glazing of the inside of the bowls is not covered by the warranty.


To apply for a warranty, you must send the following information and documents to our email [email protected]:

  • Order Confirmation Document;
  • Order payment document;
  • Photographs and description of damage;
  • Buyer contact information

When reviewing the information you submit, Anybelly does the following:

1) In the case of a damaged (broken) table during delivery – we will check for damage and guarantee confirmation, we will send you a new table of the same colour and type free of charge, including all shipping costs.

2) In the event that any of the bowls are broken during the delivery process – we will check for defects and warranties, we will send you a replacement bowl of the same colour and size free of charge, including any shipping costs.

If you have any questions or complaints, please contact our customer support at [email protected] and Anybelly will resolve the matter as soon as possible.