The Story of Anybelly

Arta un Caro

My name is Arta and this is my dog Caro. I am the founder of Anybelly.

I was born and raised in a city by the sea called Saulkrasti. The city, with its beautiful nature and peaceful presence of the sea, has influenced the way I think and look on the world. My whole life I have always had pets by my side.

I have always cared for my pets’ health and well-being. The first time I went to the shop to buy my dog an adjustable feeding stand I found that the feeding stands available didn’t correspond to my expectations. They were made from metal or plastics and looked flashy. My vision about feeding tables was totally different. I envisioned a table made from natural and recyclable materials, that could fit in with every interior and bring joy, not only to pets but also to their owners.

It was at that moment the concept of Anybelly was born. Slowly, I developed my idea of a feeding table specially designed from sustainable and natural materials, with a colourful food bowl. It was important to me that my costumers could customize the color of the wood and the food bowl.

Available supply in the market

On a daily basis we care a lot about sustainability and eating healthy and in a comfortable way. However, very often we forget about our nearest and dearest – our pets.

In everyday life we are used to seeing cheap and flashy feeding tables on the market, made from metal or plastic. The thing that confused me was the uniformity of materials and design. Moreover, scientists say that plastic food bowls get scratched over time causing bacteria that cannot be removed even with cleaning. These bacteria can cause allergic reactions. Furthermore, eating from the floor is proven to be harmful for your pet’s spine, and can lead to irreparable diseases.


If we, as humans, set a table before every meal and care about the presentation of it, then why don’t we do the same for our precious pets? Why don’t we create an eating table which is made from natural, recycled material, such as oak, and is designed with elegance and taste? How often are our little pet eating bowls pushed into an invisible corner of the room and forgotten about? All of these factors made me look for a solution that could help improve the quality of our pet’s meal time, by making their dining experience more enjoyable and making them a part of the family.

Feeding tables made from natural material

Considering all of these factors, the idea came to me, of a sustainable feeding table, made from natural materials with a range of unusual styles and designs. All of Anybelly products are made from eco-friendly materials, such as oak grown in Latvia. Moreover, it is processed with special, moisture resistant OSMO wax. Anybelly feeding tables are available in three colours – natural oak, dark oak and grey oak. All of these tables are suitable for small dogs and cats, whose height doesn’t exceed 30cm. For the height and depth of the bowls we relied on the expertise of Vets. Every Anybelly product is made with its own individual design which will serve as a great interior element in every home, starting from art deco style to modern and formal style.

Special food bowl supply

Excluding the well-known metal food bowls, Anybelly offers every customer the choice to personalise their feeding table by choosing bowls from special clay ceramics, which are available in six different colors. Every food bowl is handmade from Latvian clay and covered with a glaze, which is free of lead and other harmful substances.

We can guarantee long-lasting endurance and it is safe to wash them in dishwashers.

Anybelly as a great present

Although feeding tables are not considered to be a traditional gift, Anybelly will break that stereotype by offering our feeding tables for pets as a wonderful present. This would not only be ideal for your relatives or friends to use for their pets, but also as a great practical and aesthetic addition to their home.